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Xmas Candy Ornament, handwoven


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  • Sparkle Red
  • Sparkle Green
  • Deep Red

Xmas candy ornament
Handmade, handwoven
Approximately 3" long

Each Xmas candy ornament has been handwoven using using a acrylic yarns in sparkle red and sparkle green, as well as handdyed 100%wool in deep tones of reds and violets, with handspun wool bows in golden yellow, with a loop for hanging. Handstuffed with poly-fil.

Sparkle Red- bright red acrylic with red metallic throughout

Sparkle Green- bright green acrylic with metallic throughout

Deep red- tones of reds and violets with golden yellow bows

Handmade in USA.

  • Sparkle Red 5 in stock

  • Sparkle Green 5 in stock

  • Deep Red 4 in stock