Dante's Spirit

The Maker

Self Portrait Thursday

I'm a former Marine who's decided to follow my Artistic side. I love to create things with my hands- handmade beadwork, handmade kumihimo jewelry, hand dyed silk scarves, hand dyed fabrics.

I like to think my artistic side comes from my dad, but he claims that he has no idea where I got it from as he's not artistic at all.  So he says, but he is really- I have the items to prove it, and I still believe I get it from him.

There's something in the satisfaction of seeing bits of yarn or piles of beads become a piece of wearable Art. In watching powdered dyes bloom into explosions of color on fabrics and not quite knowing what you'll get sometimes.  There's a sense of wonder when you see that idea that lived in your head become a reality in the piece you created.

But I also love to garden, to read, to hike, to work with Akita Rescue, to raise funds for Alzheimer's Research in honor of my late grandfather (Alzheimer's, 2011)and late grandmother (Dementia, 2013).  I'm my family's resident geneaologist. I do Find A Grave on weekends. I'm a member of both the Daring Bakers & the Daring Cooks. I've worked in landscaping, I was in the Marines, I've worked in a hobby shop, I've worked in HVAC, I went overseas and through it all, I created with my hands.

All that is what goes into my pieces, each one unique, each one lovely in its own way and each one a piece of wearable art created by my hands.

All items created in a smoke-free home. This is a pet friendly home- cats, dog, fish.  All items and materials stored in pet free area.

Fan page- http://www.facebook.com/DantesSpiritShops