Dante's Spirit

Winter Pumpkin, Scented, Soft Sculpture, Handwoven, Large


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  • Cobalt
  • Silver
  • Charcoal
  • White

Winter Pumpkin, Soft Sculpture, Scented, Handwoven, Large

Scented with organic whole spices- cloves, allspice, star anise and cinnamon stick for stalk.

Each is handwoven, hand stuffed with 1poly-fil, recycled polyester based stuffing organic whole spices, and features a handwoven leaf.

Wool/acrylic blend yarns. Approx. 6.5" across x 3.5" tall


Cobalt- rich, deep blue, with metallic

Silver- a silvery, pale grey, with metallic

Charcoal- a darker grey, with metallic

White- frosty, pure white, with metallic

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  • Silver 5 in stock

  • Charcoal 5 in stock

  • White 5 in stock