Dante's Spirit

Small pumpkin soft sculpture, handwoven, handmade


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  • Pumpkin orange
  • Dark Orange
  • Ombre Orange-gold
  • Multiple Autumn Plaid
  • Dark Autumn Plaid

Small pumpkin
Soft sculpture
Handwoven, handmade

Approximately 4"across x 3" high

These small pumpkin soft sculptures are smaller, handwoven versions of the large pumpkin soft sculptures.

Each is handmade using wool/acrylic blend yarns, handstuffed with poly-fil and fresh, whole organic spices- allspice, cloves, star anise- and feature a whole cinnamon stick for a stalk.

Perfect for a fall display and tucking into a drawer as a spice scented satchet.

Available colors-

Pumpkin orange

Dark orange

Ombre orange-gold

Multicolor autumn plaid

Dark autumn plaid

  • Pumpkin orange 5 in stock

  • Dark Orange 5 in stock

  • Ombre Orange-gold 5 in stock

  • Multiple Autumn Plaid 5 in stock

  • Dark Autumn Plaid 5 in stock