Dante's Spirit

Bunny and carrot ornaments, handmade, handwoven

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Bunny ornament
Handmade and handwoven

Bunny- approximately 2.5" long x 2" tall
Carrot- approximately 1" long

Each bunny ornament has been handwoven using acrylic, wool and metallic blend yarns. The carrots, sold seperately, have been hand woven with acrylic yarns. The bunny ornaments feature a sateen ribbon and a loop for hanging.

Both the bunny ornaments and the carrots have been handstuffed with 100% romney wool.

Available colors at this time-

White with iridescence blend


Heathered red brown

Please note- shipping on carrots will be refunded if bought *without* a bunny ornament.

Handmade in USA.