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Holiday Tree Ornaments, Group 1, Handmade


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Holiday Tree Ornaments
Group 1

Size ranges from 5" to 7" tall, and roughly 3" to 4" wide

Mixed yarns, decorations

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These lovely holiday ornaments have been handwoven and embellished. Each features a loop for hanging and a wooden 'trunk'.

Mixed yarns ranging from 100% merino to silk, some handspun with metallic fibers. Embellisments range from stars to snowflakes to filligree metal flowers to holly.

There are 6 ornaments in this grouping, each one is One of a kind-


G1B- Manos del Uruguay Silk/Wool blend in blues, ochres and olives with white snowflakes


G1D- Unplanned Peacock sock in Onyx and Morphic in Velvet, with white snowflakes

G1E- Manos del Uruguay wool/silk blend in creams, ochres and light blues with gold metal filligree flowers

G1F- Blue Heron Yarns rayon/metallic blend in blues and violets with silver threads, tiny snowflakes, moon and stars.

Handmade in USA

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