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Handwoven scarf
100% rayon and 70/30 Bamboo Viscose/Pearl Viscose

7" wide x 57" long

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Subtlety is a lovely handwoven scarf, using 100% rayon yarn in a sage, light grey, cream colorway as the warp and Sublime 70/30 Bamboo viscose/pearl viscose blend yarn in a cream-beige color as the weft, with the same 100% rayon yarn as subtle stripes that gradually widen across the length of the scarf.

The result is a delicately shaded, supple, and soft scarf, with an excellant drape. Just long enough for doubling and looping, or simply tossed across the wearer's shoulders, as they choose.

Sublime yarn made in China, 100% rayon made in USA. Scarf handmade in USA.