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Handmade Scented Sachet


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  • Sage (rosebud)
  • Moon (cinnamon spice)
  • Silver (lavender)

Handmade Scented Sachet

Cinnamon Spice



5" long x 2" across x 1/2" thick, approx, not including loop

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Handmade scented sachets made with handwoven Unplanned Peacock hand dyed superwash merino yarn in Sage, Moon and Silver colorways.

Each features 100% cotton handsewn liner, filled with genuine, richly scented ingredients-

Sage (violet purple)- whole and crushed dried pink rosebuds

Moon (silver)- cinnamon sticks, star anise, allspice, cloves

Silver(grey)- whole dried lavender flowers

Yarn hand dyed in USA
Handmade in USA

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  • Moon (cinnamon spice) 1 in stock

  • Silver (lavender) 1 in stock